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Comvita Bee Pollen

The campaign concept for Comvita Bee Pollen granules needed to reference it’s natural source, have a feeling of purity and communicate the key health benefit - vitality.


The final concept not only looked beautiful, but thoughtfully told the larger story about the product. Native flowers such as Kowhai and Manuka were selected to reference the variety of flora the pollen is sourced from. The product is artfully nestled within these flowers and bursts from the pollen-dusted background to boldly declare it’s superfood benefit’s.

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The campaign was an opportunity to re-think how this existing supplement was positioned within the Comvita range. We took on-board the key health benefits, but were also inspired by the natural process in which these golden nuggets are created. The pollen is essentially collected from flowers, delivered to the hive and harvested by the bee-keeper. The final product has little, to no, processing. 

And so the concept was based on this simple story.

The colour difference in the granules links directly to the different types of flowers it was sourced from. To communicate this, we photographed various natives species to nestle around the product, in colours that would compliment the new packaging. Granules bursting in the background also add a dynamic energy that clearly enforce the key benefit - vitality. The final composition was vibrant and bold, while also communicating health and nature.

With a strong concept approved, we could then roll it out across various media. A complete toolkit was created for both the New Zealand and Australian Markets. Including; hero posters, email marketing, brochure, and retail flyer’s. The result nailed the brief and was sure to turn heads when on display.